Bee Yourself

This years theme for Mental Health Week was Nature and the following week was National Bee Day so as a school we combined the two to have a day filled with PHSCE, Science, drama and art.  


Each year group focused on a topic of well being; 

EYFS: Bee Kind   -  to others, to animals, to themselves, to the environment.

Yr1: Bee Proud  - self reflection - look at themselves and say why they are proud.

Yr2: Be Brave –  affirmations to show how and why we are all brave each day,

Yr3: Bee Confident / Bee Me – acknowledging why we are grateful to be ourselves - and why it's great to be us! 

Yr4: Bee Resilient –  Creating resilience raps to help us each day.

Yr5: Bee Unique – Celebrating our unique qualities and those of our peers. 

Yr6: Bee Brave –  brave enough to find our voices and to be who we want to be. Brave to try new things, take a risk (e.g. errors) or make new friends/change an accepted mindset.


Science focus;

EYFS: Cheesy Beesy Experiment

YR1: ‘I am Bee’ 

Yr2:  Honey Bees

Yr3: Clever Bees 

Yr4: Parts of a bee 

Yr5: The Hive

Yr6: Life Cycle of a Bee