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We are currently changing the way English is taught at Grange Park. There will be more information added to the page shortly. 



Our vision at Grange Park is that we strive to give every child in our school lifelong learning skills to empower them to choose the life they want.  Through Literacy, we aim to deliver life skills to enable our children to become readers and writers for life. We believe that every child can achieve,

regardless of his or her starting point. Instilling resilience, we ensure that children achieve their best outcome.



At Grange Park Primary School:

· Children read to an adult at home each night and also read 1:1 with a member of staff each day.

· Each classroom has a range of high quality texts, both fiction and non-fiction.

· Children work through our reading scheme until they become ‘free readers’, many of our Year 1 children are free readers!

· Texts for Literacy are carefully chosen to ensure children are engaged and that there is progression and challenge across the school.

· Through the systematic teaching of phonics following Letters and Sounds in Reception, Year 1 and 2. We aim for children to become fluent readers by the end of Key Stage 1.

Children can then focus on developing fluency and comprehension throughout the school.

· We develop writing skills so that our pupils have the stamina and ability to write at the age expected standard. 

· We provide opportunities for writing for a purpose and we encourage pupils to see themselves as





The impact on our children is clear: progress, sustained learning and transferable skills. All children leave Grange Park as life-long readers with a skills toolkit to enable them to continue their learning. With the view of broadening horizons for all, we ensure that all children are prepared for their individual learning path.



Celebrating Success

Our Facebook page is overflowing with examples of good practice. Here are just some examples from across the curriculum: 

Everybody, Every Night

ALL children in Grange Park read at home, to an adult, every night. This ensures parental engagement, rapidly improves fluency skills and creates a home-school link. In addition, this also provides  an opportunity, independent of a teacher, to read for pleasure rather than an activity. The children are regularly rewarded for reading at home every night. 

At school, all children in KS1 are heard reading their home reader to an adult daily and in KS2, a number of children are also heard daily.  We have a rigorous scheme in place so that every child counts and their reading voice is heard. 

Lifelong Reading

At Grange Park, we continually seek ways to encourage children to read for pleasure. By doing this, they improve fluency and comprehension skills. We regularly set reading challenges. Our most recent is 'Captured Reading' just look at some of our amazing entries: