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Science at Grange Park


At Grange Park, we take a very practical approach to science.  We believe that children learn best when they are 'hands on'. 

At the bottom of the page you can view our long term plan. This ensures coverage and progression in each year group.  Check back regularly to see the different things we have been up to. 


There was something very fishy going on in year 2, As part of their learning about how animals are adapted to their habitat, they identified the different parts of a squid and thought about how each part helped them to survive. 

Year one have been investigating their sense of sight. We tried some very easy tasks such as moving cubes from one cup to another, pouring a drink and touching the end of a pencil. We then had to cover one of our eyes to see if it was easier or harder. We couldn't believe how difficult it was. 

Year 5 have been investigating the best habitat for a maggot. We created different habitats and then tried to keep our maggots alive as long as possible.