Into Film Festival

This week, Grange Park went to the movies! Key Stage 1 and 2 put on their walking shoes and hot-footed it to our local cinema, Empire Cinema. The amazing people at INTO FILM FESTIVAL provided free tickets for everyone. We watched Croods 2 and it was brilliant! Lots of exercise, fresh air and a movie - what a fabulous way to finish the week.


This is my first time at a cinema - this is AMAZING! Look at the seats!

We have been studying the Stone Age. They were hunter-gatherers like THE CROODS!

My favourite part was when they kept jumping everything - it was SO funny.


I liked it when her hair flew off - she called it Wigesus ha ha ha!

I can't believe how huge the screen is and the chairs are brilliant. I love being with my friends.

The girls were the best. They saved the day and stopped the monkeys eating them.