Pupil Voice

What are our pupils saying?


“I really like art because I like doing paints. I learn how to do new things and about new artists like Katherine Uster. She does nature art.”

“In art we used to only paint but now we use oil pastels, felt tips, crayons, pencils and lots of other things.”



“History is good because we can learn about the past. We have been learning about The Great Fire of London- they used fire hooks and lever buckets. The fire hooks because they needed to pull the houses down because they were made out of wood. They made a line and passed the buckets on water on to put out the fire. I am delighted to learn this as I just want to be in the past."

“I like learning the ukulele and sometimes when I go home I practise on my own.”


“I love PE 100%.”

“When we do Real PE we do different activities and sports and it really helps with fitness and mental strength. I enjoy the big variety of things we do in Real PE.”

“I like PE because I like being fit and I like doing exercise: it makes me feel excited. We have been learning about our heart and why it beats really fast.”

“We read Alice in Wonderland at the end of the day- I really enjoy being read to.”

“My favourite book is about Flash- he’s the fastest super hero.

“I feel happy reading, I am really fast at reading because I know all of the sounds because I have practicing at home and school. I do phonics to help me practise my sounds. We press the sound buttons when we need help to read the words.”

“We read our own work to check it makes sense, I like doing this because it means I can make sure my own work is right.”

“I read as soon as I get home from school every day, I like the books I get from school: sometimes they are funny. Sometimes I read to my dog.”

“I like non-fiction books. At the moment I am reading about monsters and if they exist and now I am reading about electricity.”

“I feel happy when I am learning English and I feel happy because I feel like I know lots of English stuff.”

“I read once a day, every day. I like reading the Shakespeare story because some have romance, some have murder and some have comedy.”


“In geography we were learning about countries and I can name them from biggest to smallest: Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica, Europe and finally Australia. We sang a song to help us remember this.”

“I like geography because it is all about the world.”

“I like human and physical geography. I like both of them- they mean it’s been by themselves or humans have made it.

 “Geography is fun and a bit like science. I liked the River Wear trip because I could see where the mouth and the source of the river was"

“I love geography because we learn about volcanoes and earthquakes. The first time we did it we had to go in the PE hall and look at different natural disasters and learned about them.”


“I like learning things like vocabulary, analysing the text, learning new skills and about new punctuation- this all helps me with my writing.”

“Scoop backs help me remember and give me a bit more confidence when I am trying to use new punctuation in my writing“


“I am not worried if I make a mistake, I will learn how to fix it.”

 “I feel pretty confident about maths because if I make a mistake the teacher can easily explain it to me and help me. I feel fine about making mistakes.”

“I like everything in maths better in this school compared to my old school. At Grange Park we do a pre-learning assessment to see where we are then we loads about it. I really like learning lots of new things.”


“I like it because it is practical and we do lots of things.”“I like it because we have been doing lots of experiments, we used the data harvester to record all of the sound waves.”

“I like how we learn about sounds and sounds that reach our cochlea. We learn lots of new vocabulary in science.”

“In science we are trying to help our teacher do Tough Mudder. We have learned about an icy hill and a sheer climb and we helped our teacher find the correct piece of material for the underneath of their shoe so they have more friction because the sheer climb has less friction. I feel very scientific when I am doing this.”

" I like science the best!”


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It is important to us as a school that parents and staff feel like part of our school community, a survey was conducted at the beginning of the year to allow everyone to have their views heard. We are thrilled that both staff and parents gave such positive feedback. You can see the results, here:

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