During the Covid pandemic and since the return to school, we have been sensitive to the wellbeing of our children and families, however we now must work together to ensure children attend school and are on time to catch up on academic work and their well being.

To do that in school we will be:

  • Having a weekly class attendance award. The class with the highest attendance will have the Attendance Trophy for the week.
  • Weekly DOJO points for 100% attenders and for children whose attendance improves.
  • Half termly awards and treats from the DOJO shop to celebrate children who have 100% attendance.
  • Competitions during the year to promote attendance.

We introduced a new traffic light and attendance system in September but It thought it would be good idea to remind us all, staff included as to what we and the Government expect.



Going through the traffic lights:


GREEN 97-100% attendance - no action needed your child's attendance is where it should be.


AMBER 90 -96% attendance - monitoring needed. We will be in touch regularly to support you with your child's attendance.

RED Below 90% attendance- meeting arranged and a plan put in place.

Holidays in Term time are unauthorised time. Given the amount of time children have missed we would hope holidays, however needed will be taken during allocated school holiday time.

If you have any concerns, issues or ideas regarding attendance please get in touch with Mrs Boulton. 


Attendance Documents

Attendance Policy Sept 2023.pdf .pdf
Attendance Traffic Light leaflet.pdf .pdf