Visitor Information

Visitor & Safeguarding Information

Welcome to Grange Park Primary School

Please take a few moments to read this information.  We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children and this requires all staff and visitors to demonstrably share this commitment.

On arrival through the main entrance you will be asked for proof of identity and the reason for your visit by a member of staff.  Please sign in to our electronic signing in system and you will be provided with a visitor’s badge, please wear the badge at all times to avoid being challenged by staff or pupils.  Remain with your host at all times unless we confirm we have had prior DBS clearance for you.  If you have a red lanyard, you must be accompanied by a member of staff at all times.  On departure please sign out on the electronic signing in/out system and return your lanyard to the office.

Mobile phones – we require you to turn off your mobile phone while you are on site.  Should you need to make a call we ask that you go off the premises to do so. You must not take photographs unless prior permission from a member of the Senior Leadership Team has been sought.

Interaction with pupils – when your role requires that you interact with pupils or work in a one to one situation with a pupil, we must have confirmation that all the necessary safeguarding checks have been carried out including the Enhanced SBS disclosure. 

Disclosure by a child – if a pupil discloses information or you have any concerns, please report these immediately to our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs F Cowan (Headteacher) or our Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Mrs A Boulton (Community Manager).  Please ask a member of staff and they will direct you to them.

Fire and emergency evacuation – a copy of the fire procedure and directions to the assembly point can be found in every room.  Please familiarise yourself with it on arrival.  If the fire alarm sounds, a continuous ring, please leave the building immediately, following the instructions of the adult you are with.  Visitors will be directed to the visitor’s registration area by a member of staff.

Visitors’ toilets – located near the school office, please ask at the office for directions.

Health & Safety – Should you see anything which causes you concern, or have an accident or incident, please do not hesitate to report it to any member of staff, who will inform our School Business Manager.

First Aid – Please ask at the office if you need assistance.

Parking & Disabled Access – limited parking is available in our car park and we have a disabled parking space.  There is flat access to all of our school building.