SEND Curriculum


Each morning the children practice their handwriting/read with Miss Burns. The group splits, some children go with Mrs Pearson for Phonics while the others stay with Miss Burns for Reasons to Read. 

At 9:30am a few children go with Mrs Pearson to make toast/get milk ready while Miss Burns starts circle time. In circle time we say good morning to each other, use the colour monster to explain/discuss how we are feeling today and then suggest ways we could help or strategies they could use then or throughout the morning. 

We then move onto English where children have many opportunities for repetition and reinforcement of information. The pace of the lesson can be slowed down and provides lots of opportunities to use more visual and spatial strategies in learning. 

After break time we move onto our mastering number session before moving onto our maths lesson and then the children return to their class for access to their year group spellings sessions.



Our nurture provision focuses on providing a stable daily routine with developmentally appropriate activities for children who benefit from a bespoke curriculum. We use circle time activities to focus on speaking and listening which enables the children to communicate their ideas and feelings with increasing confidence.

There are two nurture sessions each afternoon, an EYFS/KS1 session and a KS2 session. We have adopted a thematic approach to learning with an emphasis on positive behaviours such as sharing, taking turns, playing gently and being considerate.

Each nurture session begins with the following activities:







We are extremely grateful to The Sir Tom Cowie Fund. With their support, we were able to create our multi-sensory room which is accessed by children throughout the school.