Wearhead - Trip to the Source of the River Wear 2022.

Year Five have been heading out and about to carry out geography fieldwork on the River Wear. Thanks to the Sir Tom Cowie Trust, our plucky pupils set off for Wearhead on a quest to find out more about the source of the River Wear.

Once we arrived at Harehope Gill, Claire showed us how to measure the flow speed of the river using tape measures, stop watches and DOG BISCUITS!!! 

Year Five landed at the River Classroom and met our brilliant guide, Claire. We walked to a small stream called Harehope Gill. On our way, we saw the amazing environment around Harehope Quarry.


After a well-deserved lunch, we headed this time to Bollihope Burn. The burn is a little further up the river and was wider and deeper.  It took a little while for us to all find our balance but when we did, we repeated our fieldwork again. 

Next week, we will see if we can see any patterns in our results when we visit the mouth of the River Wear.

Then, we looked at the width of the river by taking averages of several measurements. We completed our measurements by using calipers to measure a sample of rocks from the river.