Our intent in Computing is to provide our pupils with the best possible opportunity to use and understand modern day technologies in an effective and safe manner. Pupils will be guided not only to develop their understanding of the skills and knowledge within Computing, but how to develop their own resilience in the modern world and make positive choices to support their own mental well-being.



Our Computing curriculum is designed to progressively develop pupil’s skills and knowledge in Computing and Online Safety, through regular, discretely taught lessons. Children are taught how not only to identify and use modern technologies effectively, but how to use technology safely and in a way which challenges their thinking.  As our pupils progress, their ability to problem solve, work collaboratively and build resilience also progresses, meaning we provide our pupils with the best possible and safest start to their lives in an ever-growing technological world.


We have invested in a progressive scheme, which is closely linked to the National Curriculum’s Programme of Study. Purple Mash Computing Scheme provides clear progression of skills and knowledge, as well as recommending methods of inclusion, challenge, Online Safety and relevant resources. Lastly, it offers a clear assessment guidance, which is clear, thorough and again, linked to the National Curriculum’s Programme of Study. Each class will complete 2/3 units from the scheme per term – all skills, and knowledge, linked the NC PoS are covered throughout relevant key stages.

Key drivers within Computing units are:

  • Teaching of subject specific vocabulary
  • Ensuring that our children have a good understanding of how to stay safe online and use technologies effectively and safely, knowing how to report issues when they don’t feel safe
  • Revisit to aid long term memory



The learning challenges used, to plan and teach Computing, ensure that children are accessing work at age related expectations, with regular opportunities to be challenged through higher-level objectives. Children are assessed according to age related expectations in line with National Curriculum requirements for KS2. This is done in line with the Purple Mash assessment procedures. This information is recorded and monitored by the subject manager through Purple Mash assessment tools. 

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