Central Library

In order to promote a lifelong love of reading, we have created a central library which has a range of books in different genres. Each class visits the library, fortnightly and chooses a book which they can share at home. 

Pupil Voice:
"I chose a book about Space because my Dad is interested in that too, we read it before bed on a night"
"If someone is struggling to put their library book back in the correct place, I always help them to make sure it is alphabetical. I got a librarians badge too"
"I can't believe we can choose any book. I like the ones that are linked to history"

KS2 Library

 Recently, KS2 reading library has been transformed by our wonderfully talented Mrs Udale. It is now the perfect spot to hang out reading a book by our favourite authors. In this reading library, you will find our age-appropriate KS2 books.
Pupil voice:
"This is the best library I've ever seen, I get really excited to choose a book now"
"I enjoy being a librarian and keeping this space tidy and organised. We always get a prize from Mrs Pyke for helping out"

KS1 Library

Coming Soon!

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