The aims of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education in our school are to embed our values and school ethos to the core of our PSHE curriculum.

School life at Grange Park Primary School is driven by its values. Our 4 key principles capture what we are about; we believe that a happy child is a successful one. At GPPS we believe in: 'Putting Children First!’ - this is our vision. Our school aims link with our intent of our PSHE curriculum:


Community- Working together to develop a culture in which the wellbeing of our children and families is at the heart of all we do.

Inclusion- Providing a learning environment where all can achieve their personal best.

Ambition- Setting an expectation for our children to aim high and strive to succeed; creating life-long learners.

Mindfulness- Educating our children to be supportive of themselves and others; developing empathy and shaping themselves into well rounded future citizens.

In order to do this, we have split our PSHE curriculum into the following categories: Health and Wellbeing (Mindfulness), Living in the Wider World (Ambition and Community) and Relationships/RSHE (Inclusion). Our main intent is that we deliver a high-quality curriculum which is tailored to our school community: putting children first.


The aims of relationships and sex education (RSE) at our school are to:

Provide a framework in which sensitive discussions can take place
Prepare pupils for puberty, and give them an understanding of sexual development and the importance of health and hygiene
Help pupils develop feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy
Create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and relationships
Teach pupils the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies
Relate RSE relates to the school’s ethos and values.
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