Coastal School

Our Reception children have been enjoying a massive extension to their outdoor provision - THE BEACH!!

Coastal Schools is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a coastal environment. It takes place regularly (on a two-week rota) to support the development of a relationship with the natural world. Coastal School uses the natural resources of the coastal environment for inspiration, to enable ideas and to encourage intrinsic motivation. 

Keep watching this space for updates as our adventures continue....


Team Crab arrive at Coastal School ready to explore and expand their knowledge of this amazing natural environment.




Meeting a Lobster Fisherman

On our way back to the mini-bus, we met a local lobster fisherman. He talked to us about his lobster pot and showed us the fish in the bottom that would help lure the lobster into the trap.

We all had a smell of the fish - it smelled a little bit like catfood.



What can you see? What can you hear?

What can you smell? What can you feel?


We could smell fish, the sea, salty air and warm chips  today!

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Grange Park Primary would like to thank the North Area Committee of Sunderland City Council for the support they have provided to our Coastal School. They provided us with £993 from the Community Chest on 3rd April 2023, which has contributed towards the equipment needed to keep our children warm and safe whilst they are at Coastal School.