Enhancements visits, visitors and themed days

There is always lots going on at GPPS whether we are staying in or getting out and about

Did you know that Grange Park has its very own whole school Metro pass? With a Metro station close by, even our Yr1 pupils pop on to a Metro train to explore Tyne and Wear. Our children also use the local buses to attend places that are away from the Metro line. Riding on public transport is a great skill for our pupils to learn and they are always so well-behaved and confident - even members of the public tell us this. We also need to tell you what great walkers we are at Grange Park! We are often seen walking to the Stadium of Light, to the beach at Seaburn, to the Empire Theatre or to our local museum (among many places). Not only does this teach our pupils how to explore the amazing area around them and what fabulous things are just on their doorstep, but it also keeps ourselves AND the planet healthy too! Go Grange Park!!!!!

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